Episode 31 – Jennifer’s Body

Gentle reader / listener I hope you are ready for a truly wondrous wettie because for this episode we are dissecting Jennifer’s Body (2009). Our postmortem touches on how the film was deeply misunderstood by the people (MEN) in charge of marketing it and our ardent desire to see the female leads in a committed lesbian relationship. This is a solid Diablo Cody joint and we think you might want to clap eyes on it at some point in this brief mortal life we are given. Stay tuned for a special announcement at the top of the ep and then get out there and PROTECT MEGAN FOX.

Lament Configs:

As usual a day late and a dollar short Gabby recommends you watch a below the radar little show called Sharp Objects. Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson are revelations? These are not hot takes people but they need to be said! If you want a little additional insight on That Ending she endorses reading the book which is also quite good.

Zoe doubles down on horse dads and urges you to return to The Affair where things are not as they seem. Swooning over Joshua Jackson is a ritual one should practice daily.

Jennifer’s Booty is directed by Karyn Kusama, a female director who’s been grappling with the Hollywood man machine for a dog’s age. Gabby’s lamented it before but again get out there and watch The Invitation!

Gabby is over your infantilizing heterosexual memes, OVER them I tell you!

Episode 30 – Cube

How did we all get here? Did you have a delicious pierogi halfway to your mouth and then awaken in a cube of podcast sounds? Well don’t panic, your faithful hosts and special guest and Boston area artist Ariel (www.arielkessler.com and on Instagram @ariel.kessler) are here to walk you through the traps and to the bridge out of The Cube (1997). When six strangers are transported to a mysterious maze of rooms with occasional death machines they’ll find that the real danger… is each other??!! Hell is other people and heaven is this episode where we dig into the big Q’s like: Would we survive the cube? (Why bother?) And who is more thirsty, these prisoners with no water forced to suck on buttons to keep the spit flowing or Gabby for doughy Canadian actors? Get out your Texas Instruments calculator and grab a motivational jelly bean for our most right angled episode ever!

Episode 29 – House of the Devil

Good evening sweet, innocent stumblers who are the right kind of gal to rent ear space in our podcast. Kindly insert this latest ep into your bangin walkman and let our nasal voices coax you through house prowling, rancid pizza eating and a hygienic pee break while clutching a giant knife. (Sidenote if you people DON’T listen to us on the toilet you’re dead to me.) This is all a very succinct way of saying we watched The House of the Devil, an excellent film with perhaps a touch too much wandering around and a coda that should go to the devil itself. We admire the lesbian love song of G. Greta Gerwig, the VERY affective spooks and scares and the 70’s atmosphere that was almost too convincing. Meet us at the graveyard with a rating and review and subscripting and we’ll repay you with drugged pizza. XOXO Z&G.

Episode 28 – Rosemary’s Baby

I hope you like the earthy taste of tannis root because this week thought leaders over at Run and Stumble are conspiring to discuss (pregnant pause) Rosemary’s Baby! This 1968 classic may have been directed by an irl swamp monster but it still paints an incisive and freaky deaky picture of women being denied agency over their own bodies and lives. Fun! Plus we talk haircuts, dream imagery and why Guy is the worst husband in cinema history. Fascinating trivia Gabby forgot to mention: that one dude Rosemary makes intense eye contact with at her party is the cult leader from Holy Hell. It’s on Netflix, you should watch it! So put on your best girlish pinafore, don’t eat the chocolate mouse and let Jackie Kennedy guide you through the convulsions as we deliver hot takes on a stone cold classic.


Episode 27 – XX

You know your beloved hosts love horror. We love the ladies. We love anthologies (I think?) 2017’s XX has all those things but we get four shorts that range from meh to I’ll allow it to intriguing to boo you whore. Tune in as we break down what makes this collection so largely forgettable, why three out of the four shorts stick to a maternal theme and why I need to stop supplementing the lack of reviews on IMDB with Reddit people failing to understand feminism. Let’s all learn something from this and keep investing in female creators and artists and being more discerning with the internet websites we visit. So count your chromosomes, imagine some stop motion interstitials between every topic we cover and let us tell you everything wrong with a project that could have been so, so right.  

Episode 26- The Love Witch

Why do women in heterosexual relationships go bananas for The Love Witch while lovingly committed lesbians enjoy it from an aesthetic distance? Zoe and Gabby do a deep dive on this total nongeneralization and answer your other burning questions like: is smoking cool? Do we sympathize with Elaine? (Yes!) And was Margaret Atwood right about all those male fantasies? This is a definite strong recommendation from at least one of your hosts so do the right thing a spike lee joint and give it a watch. Gabby needs Anna Biller to have enough money to make 69 more movies. We’ll meet you in the lady’s Victorian tea room in full fabulous costume to continue the discussion afterward. Bright blessings!

Episode 25 – Black Christmas

This “week” our “weekly” podcast recording that took place in “February” tackles yet another holiday horror show: Black Christmas! Thrill as members of year 2018 who definitely didn’t record this months ago and then sit on it like Billy possibly sat on the baby (Agnes is pissed!) discuss the 1974 early progenitor of the slasher flick. We track some political implications, make some lesbian insinuations and generally burp it on up to the heavens. So stick you tongue in a socket if you want a real charge but for a more gentle delight tune in to this hot off the presses episode that is definitely not from December.

Episode 24 – Holidays

Spin the dreidel and pucker up under some mistletoe – Run & Stumble’s back with a special holiday episode: Holidays! We revel in this 2016 collection of horror shorts based on all the holidays white people love. Other than the criminal neglect of Hanukkah et all and the disturbing paucity of people of color or women in creative rolls it’s a delightfully nuts assemblage of stories with some true thrills and chills. Facebook keeps telling me x-mass used to be a ghost story based occasion so get festive with our latest spooktacular.

Merry winter based festivities of any and all flavors to all and to all a goodnight!

Episode 23 – Halloween

In honor of the high holy day tomorrow, we watched the original Halloween! Bonus features in this ep include the saga of Emily, the beagle that occasionally breaks free from her home and comes charging through Gabby’s yard, and the irresponsible teens that are addicted probably to drugs, but also definitely to leaving the gate open. As for the feature, we love the soundtrack, we have questions about these young teen fashions, errant pedophilia jokes are weird, and babysitting was clearly the global currency of the 70’s. Also, the term “bellin’ like Magellan” might arise, regarding some spectacular pantaloons. If that doesn’t entice you to listen to this very special episode of Run and Stumble, then dag nabit, I don’t know what will.

Episode 22 – It Minisode!

Welcome to the Derry Municipal Water Pollution Control Authority, I think you’ll find everything here in our sewers to be up to EPA code and fresh as a damn daisy, with one NOTABLE exception being the malingering child murdering clown. He does live down here, yeah. Yep. Not great. 8/10 Could Do Better.

Your humble hosts decided we needed to circle back and address some of the pluses and conseses of the new IT movie, in addition to talking about Zoe’s thoughts on what she’s read of the book so far. No, she hasn’t finished it yet! It’s 1,138 pages, leave her alone ok! It was a busy summer, you bullies!

Episode 21 – Trick ‘r Treat

Hey sweet stumblepals, its your old friend Zoe here, as Gabrielle will be in the Phillipines for the next MONTH (as if I don’t rely daily on her unfettered attention just to get me through the day) and so these write ups are probably not going to be as luxe as you might be used to. This week we watched 2007 burnt offering “Trick ‘r Treat”, an anthology of halloween parables interwoven into the rich fabric of time. Gabby tests out her new NPR identity, coining the phrase “Avatar of sin”, which will surely go down in the books as one of the best filler phrases to date, and – warning to all dogs – last episode we talked about eating you, this week we talk about…something else not great! Sorry we’re so fucking weird about dogs right now!! We love dogs, really. Really we do.

Episode 16 – Hush part 2

HUSH little baby don’t say a word? Nope, we said lots of words about the 2016 home invasion thriller Hush. Part two is here and “it can come in anytime it wants. And it can get you, anytime it wants. But it’s not going to. Not until it’s time. When you wish you’re dead… that’s when it’ll come inside” your ears to cheer you up!

Lament Configs

Gabby has some admonishments for the manly men of Last Podcast on the Left who are FOR SURE listening for what she believes to be unfairly harsh treatment of Aileen Wuornos: The Liberator. To hear their outrageous statements about shooting men somehow being “wrong” or “murder” check it out. Other serial killer and disaster rundowns are quite good if you wanna pour some more episodes into your earholes.

Or for what I feel to be a more honest and incisive narrative watch the documentary twofer Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer and Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer.

Zoe also makes a belated recommendation for the Netflix documentary Amanda Knox and we state the incredibly obvious aka you should already have watched Handmaids Tale here in our patriarchal dystopia.

The Limping Chicken


Episode 13 – The Craft – Part 1

Now is the time. This is the hour. Ours is the magic. Ours is the power- and this is the first part of our two-hour The Craft special here on Run and Stumble. It’s a marathon session as we nail down our thots and fee fees on a movie that defined the sleepovers of a generation. Also, we ARE natural witches, our power DOES come from within and what’s within Gabby is a black magnet of evil which has caused a tragic sound problem with this episode. Never fear though, we popped down to the local Wicca shop and bought a sick ass mic stand so moving forward we will only have one other episode with this fatal flaw. Our apologies and blood sacrifices are eternally yours.