Episode 11 – People Under the Stairs

We know life is a slow, grey slog into entropy without us so we’re back strong this week with a movie that rights all wrongs and provides a quote for every occasion. We crept into a crawl space with The People Under the Stairs and you will not be sorry. We do a deep dive on some thematic fairy tale elements, give the inevitable fashion rundown (gimp suit!) and accidentally almost stage a very problematic table read. If you love your mother (belated shoot-out) and love yourself, you will watch this Film.


Episode 10 – Train to Busan

It’s Monday stumble heads, so grab your baseball bats and hop on the Train to Busan with your faithful hosts. This week we nearly come to blows over the eternal slow vs. fast zombies question and dig into some “themes” involving “capitalism” and “values.” But don’t worry, we also talk about butt holes so we are not selling out my dudes! We also ask for your audience input to help us unpack the twist or understand if there even was a twist. HEAR YE HEAR YE we are HIGHLY recommending this movie and we spoil the everlasting hell out of it. So, if you haven’t seen it yet we strongly encourage you to check it out before you listen!


Gabrielle recommends the 2012 documentary The Imposter (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1966604/) if you enjoy unbearable tension and heavy French accents.


Zoe has been dipping a toe in the textual waters of our Official Fan Mail offering https://www.amazon.com/Men-Women-Chain-Saws-Gender/dp/0691006202. Join us for book club 2017?


Gabrielle is intrigued by the trailer for Seklusion (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MKtnk-uRcQ) but has no intel about how the message shakes out and washes her hands of all responsibility if the moral of the story ends up being virgins live, sluts die. http://www.rappler.com/entertainment/movies/154548-mmff-2016-fun-facts-seklusyon-erik-matti


This week in uh-oh: two dudes from the King family are tackling a story about A WORLD WITHOUT WOMEN and the rugged male problems that sex urge their way to the fore without the soothing presence of an angel in the house. Yoinks.



HEADS UP due to real life (ugh) we will be downshifting to one new episode every two weeks so our next episode will be up May 15th.


Episode 9 – Final Destination

No Accidents. No Coincidences. No Escapes. You Can’t Cheat Run and Stumble so heed the prophecy and ear peep our Final Destination episode. We really take Devon Sawa down a peg this week while also tackling the important issues of our modern age like: proper welding attire, the mechanics of a death cheating scenario and… the opioid crisis? Plus we get a new theme song AND a proper intro! Now if we can only get Samara to stop cold calling my landline this podcast is headed straight for the top!

Episode 6 – Poltergeist

Is this house ACTUALLY clean? We come back to my creepy, creaky old house to invoke the Poltergeist and answer all your questions! We plan a life of therapy for Robbie, discuss the history of the Indian Burial Ground (IBG) trope and explore if the franchise is cursed yea or nay. So roll a jay, get your ghost pal to scoot you across the kitchen floor and tune in!

Episode 5 – Stephen King’s IT

The most touching goddamn sewer gangbang you will ever see aka the 90s TV movie event Stephen King’s It. Zoe invites you to posit a universe where only the movie exists and Gabby immediately creates a dimensional bridge back to our world so she can natter about the book. Deadlights include our pubescent obsession with Seth Green, Gabby shocking Zoe with revelations from the novel and the two of us almost coming to blows over whether or not Eddie’s shower scene is scary.


We feel guilty that the sound quality on The Witch is poop so to make up for it we are leaving a gift under your pillow like when your cat brings you a dead bird. DAWSON’S CREEK. SEASON THREE. EPISODE SEVEN. Escape from Witch Island. It’s like Blair Witch but with way more casual sex contracts, feelings forum and meetings of the Capeside High disciplinary committee.

Episode 3 – The VVitch

The Double V Witch (Which witch is which?) In a hard left turn from the whimsical hijinks of Evil Dead, Gab and Zoe tackle the deep dark menstrual mysteries of The VVitch. Play along at home by scanning your body for witches’ teats and crying hysterically into a dark void.

Please ignore when Zoe calls this episode 2. She can’t numbers, its very sad.