Episode 30 – Cube

How did we all get here? Did you have a delicious pierogi halfway to your mouth and then awaken in a cube of podcast sounds? Well don’t panic, your faithful hosts and special guest and Boston area artist Ariel (www.arielkessler.com and on Instagram @ariel.kessler) are here to walk you through the traps and to the bridge out of The Cube (1997). When six strangers are transported to a mysterious maze of rooms with occasional death machines they’ll find that the real danger… is each other??!! Hell is other people and heaven is this episode where we dig into the big Q’s like: Would we survive the cube? (Why bother?) And who is more thirsty, these prisoners with no water forced to suck on buttons to keep the spit flowing or Gabby for doughy Canadian actors? Get out your Texas Instruments calculator and grab a motivational jelly bean for our most right angled episode ever!