Episode 28 – Rosemary’s Baby

I hope you like the earthy taste of tannis root because this week thought leaders over at Run and Stumble are conspiring to discuss (pregnant pause) Rosemary’s Baby! This 1968 classic may have been directed by an irl swamp monster but it still paints an incisive and freaky deaky picture of women being denied agency over their own bodies and lives. Fun! Plus we talk haircuts, dream imagery and why Guy is the worst husband in cinema history. Fascinating trivia Gabby forgot to mention: that one dude Rosemary makes intense eye contact with at her party is the cult leader from Holy Hell. It’s on Netflix, you should watch it! So put on your best girlish pinafore, don’t eat the chocolate mouse and let Jackie Kennedy guide you through the convulsions as we deliver hot takes on a stone cold classic.