Episode 31 – Jennifer’s Body

Gentle reader / listener I hope you are ready for a truly wondrous wettie because for this episode we are dissecting Jennifer’s Body (2009). Our postmortem touches on how the film was deeply misunderstood by the people (MEN) in charge of marketing it and our ardent desire to see the female leads in a committed lesbian relationship. This is a solid Diablo Cody joint and we think you might want to clap eyes on it at some point in this brief mortal life we are given. Stay tuned for a special announcement at the top of the ep and then get out there and PROTECT MEGAN FOX.

Lament Configs:

As usual a day late and a dollar short Gabby recommends you watch a below the radar little show called Sharp Objects. Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson are revelations? These are not hot takes people but they need to be said! If you want a little additional insight on That Ending she endorses reading the book which is also quite good.

Zoe doubles down on horse dads and urges you to return to The Affair where things are not as they seem. Swooning over Joshua Jackson is a ritual one should practice daily.

Jennifer’s Booty is directed by Karyn Kusama, a female director who’s been grappling with the Hollywood man machine for a dog’s age. Gabby’s lamented it before but again get out there and watch The Invitation!

Gabby is over your infantilizing heterosexual memes, OVER them I tell you!