Episode 29 – House of the Devil

Good evening sweet, innocent stumblers who are the right kind of gal to rent ear space in our podcast. Kindly insert this latest ep into your bangin walkman and let our nasal voices coax you through house prowling, rancid pizza eating and a hygienic pee break while clutching a giant knife. (Sidenote if you people DON’T listen to us on the toilet you’re dead to me.) This is all a very succinct way of saying we watched The House of the Devil, an excellent film with perhaps a touch too much wandering around and a coda that should go to the devil itself. We admire the lesbian love song of G. Greta Gerwig, the VERY affective spooks and scares and the 70’s atmosphere that was almost too convincing. Meet us at the graveyard with a rating and review and subscripting and we’ll repay you with drugged pizza. XOXO Z&G.


Lament configs:

Zoe gives a hard “Yes ma’am” to Dear Franklin Jones and Heaven’s Gate. Spoiler alert Gabby already ran right out and mainlined both of them. She seconds both recs but especially wants to lend her laments to Heaven’s Gate.

As usual Gabby is on the cutting edge of things you’ve already heard of but look this basic bitch says watch Wild Wild Country  immediately.