Episode 27 – XX

You know your beloved hosts love horror. We love the ladies. We love anthologies (I think?) 2017’s XX has all those things but we get four shorts that range from meh to I’ll allow it to intriguing to boo you whore. Tune in as we break down what makes this collection so largely forgettable, why three out of the four shorts stick to a maternal theme and why I need to stop supplementing the lack of reviews on IMDB with Reddit people failing to understand feminism. Let’s all learn something from this and keep investing in female creators and artists and being more discerning with the internet websites we visit. So count your chromosomes, imagine some stop motion interstitials between every topic we cover and let us tell you everything wrong with a project that could have been so, so right.  


Lament Configurations:

Start your spooky scary lady director pallet cleanser regime by watching a better movie by one of the XX directors: The Invitation (2015). 

Zoe recs her buddy Kate’s HIMYM podcast Hey, Beaufitul and we promise a crossover Halloween episode without any follow through.

Gabby gives a big ups to Phantom Thread and implores you to go in with an open mind (Daniel Day-Lewis is categorically not the main character!) and a passion for pointy bras and mushrooms.

For a taste of the style of the stop motion segments between shorts in XX, peep Jan Svankmajer’s Alice and then sit around feeling weird for a while.


See you at our therapy session about dead bodies at our childhood birthday parties stumble heads!