Episode 20 – Ginger Snaps

Do you love werewolves and The Care and Keeping of You? Then this week’s Ginger Snaps R+S is right up your dark, menacing alley! We un-ironically examine an eternal, codependent female duo and our changing bodies. “Out by sixteen or dead on the scene, but together forever!”


1. To all you lost souls out there – when you really need something to cling to with no feelings. One sprawling matriarchy is ready to welcome you into the fold. Prepare for a heartfelt endorsement of Keeping Up with the Kardashians from G. Fortesque Reeve.

2. Zoe wants to point you toward The O.A. which is not a CW show about sexually active teens.

3. Another Earth is not in fact directed by a woman, swing and a miss Gabby, but it was cowritten by one. A pretty morose sci-fi lady drama with romance, guilt and housecleaning montages. I love it!