Episode 19 – Nightmare on Elm Street

1, 2 Run and Stumble’s coming for you with a dreamy new episode – A Nightmare on Elm Street. As usual we manage to turn it into a blistering takedown of the patriarchy on multiple fronts and also talk dream logic, practical effects (shocker!) and our eternal love of Nancy. WE’RE your boyfriend now Nancy!

Lament Configurations:

We address the revelation on every lady nerd’s lips like four weeks ago, Joss Whedon’s apparent asshole status¬†and how it effects our relationship with our most formative shows.

Hot takes – me and Zoe think West World and Man Men are television programs worth your time. Plus we crowd source the question “Should we watch The Defenders?”

For this episode we got a lot of information from the exhaustively detailed documentary Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

Gabby cements nerd status by crediting this awesome video with motivating her to mainline the whole series when she was in college

These bastard sons of a thousand maniacs thank you for listening