Episode 14 – The Craft PART 2

We bind you listeners – bind you from doing harm against yourselves by not listening to part two of our marathon The Craft break down. We determine if magic always makes you a jerk and go into a lengthy sidebar about our existential state you Queerness. Blessed friggin be!

Lament Configurations:

Gabby gives a firm endorsement of the Xena: Warrior Podcast for all the lesbian separatist mega-nerds in our audience

Zoe shares a belated recommendation for the podcast S-Town  and we blow some of its secrets but only after an elaborate spoiler alert breakdown.

Lastly, Gabby throws 13 Reasons Why under the bus and makes a respectful case for watching Dear White People on Netflix instead. Editor’s note: I originally typoed that as Dead White People but dibs on that title for the slasher flick my production company will be backing where all the white men die in the first ten minutes and the women of color inherit the earth.