Episode 12 – May

R&S closes out the month of May by MAKING a friend in the form of May – the 2002 horror movie for the lonely creep in all of us. One of your hosts has a minor neurological episode that causes her to glitch like the Matrix (spoiler alert it’s not Zoe) and we get an in studio visit from Nirvana. So throw on your patchwork-iest cosplay, grab a stranger’s hand to rub all over your face and tell your doll BFF to SHUT THE HELL UP FOR ONE GODFORSAKEN SECOND while you listen in.

Lament configurations and other treats:

Gabby damns Beyond the Gates  with faint praise but does recommend it for those video store vibes, some genuine spooky moments and The Room style fun times viewing.

If you are the last person on earth not watching The Handmaid’s Tale  Zoe and Gabby strongly urge you to tune in for shout outs to our home town and a general patriarchy apocalypse preparedness. We also unpack some of our complicated feelings about Sense8 into the bargain.

Lastly, for more variations on a theme from Lucky McKee aka the director aka the face of all my college hookups you can skitter on over to Sick Girl. Weirdos, Angela Bettis and lesbian liaisons – the Lucky special.