Best friend horror duo and your most humble of hosts, Zoe and Gabby, have been having these little tête-à-têtes for going on 20 years now. The only difference now is 1. they’re being recorded, and 2. they’re required to take notes and occasionally be coherent. Join us for a horror movie review every other Monday, where we discuss what worked, what didn’t, what was scary, and who we’d ideally have carnal relations with. We accept you, one of us!


Episode 30 – Cube

How did we all get here? Did you have a delicious pierogi halfway to your mouth and then awaken in a cube of podcast sounds? Well don’t panic, your faithful hosts and special guest and Boston area artist Ariel (www.arielkessler.com and on Instagram @ariel.kessler) are here to walk you through the traps and to the …